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My name is Robert

Hey all! My name is Robert (in case you missed the oversized heading up there). I’m a Mississippi photographer based out of Columbus MS. I have a wonderful wife and a little boy (they usually end up being my models and guinea pigs to try new techniques). I got into photography when I was 13. I borrowed my dad’s new Sony camera while our family was at the local art museum and I snapped a photo of a dragonfly. A few years later I took that photo and entered it into the Navajo County Fair. It took best of show. Ever since, I have been enamored with all things photography. Whether it’s new equipment, new techniques, breaking old habits, or improving my composition, I LOVE photography. 

I am a husband, a father, an Air Force Pilot, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and your new favorite homegrown photographer! 


My Commitment 

We’re going to take great photo’s fast! I can’t tell you how many photo-shoots I’ve sat through that drag and drag! Don’t worry about the quality though because I’m going to ensure that we get photos that YOU are happy with. These moments are for you. So we are going to get the photos that you want, quickly, so that you are still smiling at the end of your session. 

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Tel: 928-414-1852

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